Wachusett Mountain Race Team provides excellent programs, coaching, competition and support to junior alpine ski racers. WMRT develops strong base level skills to allow athletes competently participate at USSA junior races

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Race Jobs

Jobs for each race may include and are not limited to:

  • Chief of Race (AO) - The Chief of Race directs all preparation for the race competition and supervises the activities of all the volunteers.
  • Chief of Course (AO) - The Chief of Course is familiar with all local snow conditions on the race terrain and is responsible for the preparation of the course.  The   COC generally supervises course maintenance during the races and supervises all clean up operations.
  • Start Crew
    • Starter - The starter gives the actual countdown or signal for each racer to start his/her race.
    • Start Referee (AO) - Responsible for recording each racer leaving the start in the exact order of start.  The Start Referee remains at the start throughout training and the race to make sure that the regulations for the start and the start organization are properly observed.  In addition, the Start Referee determines late and false starts and reports the names of the competitors who did not start, have made false starts or other infringements and reports violations against the rules for equipment.
    • Start Round Up - Copies off the starting order, calls out racer name based on start order.  Responsible for making sure that racers are lined up in order outside the start position. 
  • Chief Timekeeper (AO) - is responsible for coordinating all timing officials as well as other officials at the start and finish, for deciding the interval between starts, assuring the synchronization and accuracy of the timing and the accuracy of the official results.
  • Assistant Timer - Assists the Chief Timekeeper to handle the electronic timing equipment in the finish shack.
  • Announcer - The Announcer is located in the finish shack and announces "racers on course" including the bib number, name and club affiliation as well as finish times.  Also makes general announcements as requested.
  • Finish Referee (AO) - Responsible for recording each racer as they cross the finish line in exact order of finish.  The Finish Referee remains in the finish throughout the training and race to make sure that the regulations for the organization of the finish and the finish run in and run out are properly observed.  He/she advises the finish controller, the timing and the crowd control in the finish area and must be able to communicate immediately with the starter at all times. 
  • Hand Timer Start or Finish - Responsible for accurately running the hand timer and recording the time for each racer.  This timing is critical as it is the back up in the event that the electronic timing system fails.  The Hand TImer is required to bring all completed timing sheets to the finish shack at the end of EACH run.  This task requires some experience.
  • Scoreboard/ Registration- After working at the race registration table, you will move to position at the finish area. The Scoreboard Operator completes sheets with each competitor's name and start order prior to the race.  As each competitor finishes a run the Scoreboard Operator enters each racers time on the board, after it is announced by radio or through the PA system. 
  • Lodge Clean Up/Bib collection/Race Registration/Race Close out - Race Registration volunteers are responsible for handing out bibs to racers after verifying that they have paid all necessary fees.  For scored races (U16 and above), if the racer does not finish the first run they are not permitted a second run so the registration staff needs to be available throughout the entire race. This position is also responsible ensuring that the Lodge and area around the Timing Shack/Finish Corral is cleaned up and orderly after registration, lunch, and end of race.  The positions collects bibs at the end of the second run of the race and ensures all bibs and volunteer equipment is returned. 
  • Course Maintenance Crew Member - The Course Maintenance Crew assists with snow and race course surface preparation (helping with fencing, course setting for all runs) and maintenance using snow rakes and shovels.  The job includes extensive side slipping and the maintenance of gates.  Once the race starts, the Maintenance Crew is assigned to monitor and repair a specific part of the course or work as a team as instructed by the Chief of Course.   Responsible for all tear down of fences and courses. 
  • Head Gatekeeper - The Head Gate Keeper organizes and supervises the work of the gatekeepers.   The HG must make sure that all numbering and the marking of gates is done within the required time.  The HG distributes required materials such as Gate Judge cards, pencils, etc.  The HG also instructs the Gatekeepers in their duties, designates the gates each Gatekeeper will supervise and places each Gatekeeper in position.  The HG collects and delivers Gate Judge Cards to the Finish Referee at the end of the run and must be prepared to offer assistance either to keep spectators off the course or to help maintain the course. 
  • Gatekeeper - Responsible for monitoring correct passage through a series of assigned gates (typically 3-5).  The Gatekeepers job is critical for fairness of the race, but is not difficult.  Each Gatekeeper maintains race cards to note any fault by the racers.  Attention to detail is important.
  • BNet Installation/Removal -  Prior to race day a team will line the race trail with BNet fencing based on the Homologation of that trail.

AO = requires Alpine Officials license

Race credits may be earned by volunteering for one of the race worker positions or by fulfilling one of the non-race roles.