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U16 Equipment Requirements
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Subject: U16 Equipment Requirements
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There are now minimum equipment requirements for the U16s. In fact, the U14s have minimum equipment requirements, too. The question is: Do I need to buy new equipment to meet the requirements? Is there older equipment available at a discount?

Here’s my suggestion… If the athlete is competing and finishing in the top 25 statewide, I advise that they meet the minimum equipment requirements. At that level they are visible enough that someone may challenge their equipment. Otherwise, I suggest moving in the direction of the requirements as new equipment is purchased. Some shops have some older inventory that may meet the requirements and will be willing to sell it at a discount. Wachusett Mountainside is one. It will take a while for the athlete to adjust to the new length and radius but it will be good for their skiing although at times it may be frustrating. If it is possible to keep old equipment on hand for them to fall back on if they get frustrated, that would be ideal.  
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