Wachusett Mountain Race Team provides excellent programs, coaching, competition and support to junior alpine ski racers. WMRT develops strong base level skills to allow athletes competently participate at USSA junior races

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Registration for the 2021-2022 Season Opens Saturday, September 18, 2021!


Please register as early as possible – Team capacity limits may be reached!

Season Passes – Even though the passes are sold out online, passes will be made available for WMRT Athletes and their immediate families.

Please use the following link to register for passes:



Available WMRT Memberships

1.  Athlete Registration for Training Programs

  • On-Line registration selections are listed at the bottom of this page.  When registering your Athlete for one of our training programs you will be prompted to create an account first. By creating an account, you automatically become a Parent/Guardian Member.   During your account setup you can add other adults as members if you choose to.  After you set up your account you will be prompted to select a registration program
  • If you registered for the 2020-2021 season (or previous seasons), most of the previous data is still in the system and does not need to be re-entered. Please check the information for accuracy for the 2021-2022 season.

2.  Volunteer Registration

  • Required for all who intend to volunteer for races and fundraising activities.  

3.  Friends of WMRT

  • Special registration for Alumni of WMRT, relatives of our athletes, and general friends of WMRT  not already registered during the athlete registration or volunteer programs.  Absolutely no fee required.  Register here and stay up to date on club news, race schedules, and more.
  • WMRT maintains a strong fiscal budget which allows us to attract and retain excellent coaches as well as invest in communications, safety fencing, timing, and other necessary equipment to ensure that our coaching staff and athletes are properly equipped with the best ski racing technology we can provide. The majority of our operating income is generated through athlete registration fees and the remainder is sourced from fundraising activities and general club donations.  Although no fee whatsoever is required for the  Friends of WMRT program, monetary donations to help mitigate athlete registration fees are appreciated and may be submitted via this special membership program.  Thank you!
  • WMRT is now a registered 501(c) (3) organization. Donations are tax-deductible.

Important information. Please read carefully prior to registration.

WMRT provides age-appropriate alpine ski training and racing opportunities for athletes ages 8-20. Official team training at Wachusett Mountain begins with Dry Land training in late October/early November. On snow, the training date will be determined by snow conditions but often we are on the snow just after Thanksgiving.  Training and races will continue through the middle to end of March, snow conditions permitting.  Training sessions are offered Saturdays, Sundays (7:30/8:00 am - 2:30 pm) as well as Tuesday evenings and Thursday evenings (7:00 pm - 9:00 pm).  Week-night training typically begins the First Tuesday following the new year, snow conditions permitting. As we progress into the season the weekend sessions may begin at 7:30 am, enabling us to take advantage of slope space.  We also provide additional sessions (Christmas Camp) during the December holiday period at no additional cost for WMRT racers.

Our Team Participation Guide and calendar for the season will answer many of your questions. Please check this website often for important updates and information regarding training info and race schedules and other important information.

Although much information about our club can be found on this website,  WMRT's team coordinator is available to answer questions at Additional team contact information can be found on the Board of Directors vertical tab on the home page.  Please contact us. We are eager to answer any questions you may have.

Each athlete will need to purchase a season pass (or daily tickets) at Wachusett Mountain Ski Area.   Please contact the mountain at 1-978-464-2300, Monday-Friday, from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. You may also purchase season passes online at www.wachusett.com or through the GPS group program.

All WMRT athletes are required to maintain membership with USSA (United States Ski and Snowboard Association) as well as TARA (Tri-State Alpine Racing Association).  USSA is the governing body for ski racing in North America. TARA is a divisional association, part of Eastern USSA, and is the governing body for USSA youth ski racing in Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island.

Reminder:    When renewing or first-time registration for USSA membership you will see that at the end of the registration process you will automatically be registered for TARA.

Membership Renewal or first-time registration for USSA / TARA can be accomplished online at the USSA membership link below.  Membership renewal or first-time membership occurs immediately following the online process and is the preferred method of registration. Alternatively, an application form can be downloaded, info filled in, and mailed or faxed to USSA with the appropriate check amount.  Note: This manual process does not register your athlete immediately and could result in late fees if not submitted 4 weeks in advance of the due date.  See the USSA membership site for more details on membership.   

USSA/TARA fees for the 2021-2022 season:

Athletes are required to maintain USSA "Alpine Competitor" memberships.   

Tri-State athlete memberships for the 2021-2022 season are $30.  $10 late fee if after October 15.

Click Here to access the USSA Online Membership Site.  

Click Here to access the 2021-2022 USSA Membership Fee schedule

Click here to access the USSS Covid Information Site

Click here to access the 2021 USSS Competition Guide



Please select the WMRT training program for each of your athletes from the selections below. Each age class has several training options available.  Selections options are shown below these registration instructions.

  • Most fields allow you to go back and edit the registration data.  At the end of the registration process, you will see a summary page that allows you to go back and edit information.  The date of birth field is locked after the first submission and cannot be changed without the assistance of our webmaster.
  • Enter Athlete information in all required fields (indicated with a red asterisk following the input field)
  • Some fields contain a blue number icon following a multiple-choice input field.  Hover your cursor over this icon for information that will help you chose the appropriate selection.
  • Home Phone Field:  Please enter the primary home phone number for your athlete.
  • Email Address:  Please enter the primary Email address for the athlete.
  • ID:  Please enter the Athletes' USSA number if one is available.  You can always come back and enter it later if it is not available at the time of this registration.  Remember, current membership with USSA and TARA is required in order to train and race with WMRT.
  • Supplemental Information:
    • Picture of Athlete upload.  This field is completely optional and is skipped or returned to and edited later.
    • Please re-enter the athlete's USSA number if available.  You can always come back and enter it later if it is not available at the time of this registration.
    • Emergency contact information is required.  Please do not enter a contact that has been previously entered as a primary or secondary contact.
    • Agreements and disclaimers require you to check the accept button at the end of the description.
  • Payment:
    • Online payment is required.  If you do not have access to a computer, please contact WMRT's administration for help with registration and payment.    
    • Payment options include the entire amount due paid during registration, or any amount above the minimum due at the time of registration, with the balance due by December 8, 2018
    • Payment methods include Master Card / Visa or a bank transfer (using your checking account and routing numbers)
      • If you choose to use a bank transfer for payment you will be prompted to become a member of Dwolla, a third-party online funds transfer firm.  Fully secured.


WMRT 2021 - 2022 Standard Program Offerings

Age Class

Saturday Only

Saturday and Sunday

Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday Nights*

Saturday, Sunday, Thursday Nights*

Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday Nights*


Program 1.  $604

Program 2. $893




Program 3. $893

Program 4.  $977

Program 5.  $977

Program 6. $1055



Program 7. $893

Program 8.  $977

Program 9.  $977

Program 10. $1055



Program 11. $893

Program 12.  $977

Program 13.  $977

Program 14. $1055



Program 15. $893

Program 16.  $977

Program 17.  $977

Program 18. $1055



Program 19. $893

Program 20.  $977

Program 21.  $977

Program 22. $1055




WMRT 2021 - 2022 Special Training Program Offerings

Note:  Athletes must meet Eligibility Requirements in order to be accepted into the following programs.  See Program descriptions below this table.

Program # and Fee

Age Class

Training Day


Program 23.0 $440 **

U12 and Older

Tuesday & Thursday Night Training Only

Non-WMRT Athletes who are Members of another Eastern USSA Alpine Race Team

Program 23.1 $210 **

U12 and Older

Tuesday Night Training Only

Non-WMRT Athletes who are Members of another Eastern USSA Alpine Race Team

Program 23.2 $210 **

U12 and Older

Thursday Night Training Only

Non-WMRT Athletes who are Members of another Eastern USSA Alpine Race Team

Program 25     $604 ***


Saturday's Only

Active Members of Eastern Massachusetts Buddy Werner League (EMBWL)

Program 26     $604 ***


Saturday's Only

Active Members of Eastern Massachusetts Buddy Werner League (EMBWL)




**Program 23.  A special weeknight-only training program is now available for non-WMRT athletes.  This program is specially designed to accommodate local athletes who belong to other USSA-affiliated clubs in New Hampshire, Maine, Vermont (other) who seek mid-week training opportunities but due to proximity, cannot train with their home team.  Limited spots open. Must have a current USSA membership.  WMRT athletes will have priority over non WMRT athletes for midweek training spots.  Single Night Training Fee (Tue or Thur):  $210.   Both nights Training Fee:  $420


*** Program 25, 26, EMBWL Athletes:   In response to inquiries from athletes participating in the EMBWL,  WMRT is pleased to continue our training program (program 25/26), designed especially for Athletes participating in the Eastern Massachusetts Buddy Werner League seeking supplementary race training.  EMBWL U12's and U14's may register for Saturday-only training, 8:00 am- 2:30 pm.  USSA and Tri-State membership is required.   Fee: $604 Note:  Fee does not include USSA/Tri-State fee or lift ticket.


Please refer to the Program Offerings chart above.  Note the program number of interest, scroll down and click the corresponding registration.  Follow the prompt instructions.

Note:  Other special training programs may be offered.  Please contact WMRT at wmrtinfo@gmail.com for more information.

A deposit of $150 is due by October 31, 2021.  Balance due December 5, 2021.   A late registration fee of $100 may be assessed after December 5, 2021  



One of the major factors contributing to the ongoing success of our program is the willingness of our immediate and extended community to volunteer time in helping to host events such as races and fundraising events. 

This year WMRT will be continuing its formal volunteer program for parents/guardians of athletes. Please see the Volunteer Program tab on the website Home Page or the Participation Guide for specific details. You will be asked during registration to acknowledge this program and the requirements.

A volunteer registration form is available for Parents, Guardians, and friends of WMRT.  If you will be volunteering during the season, please select the general volunteer registration program below.  This registration does not commit you to partake in any specific event.  It simply provides the club administration with a list of potential volunteers as well as a signed liability form which is required for all volunteers. 

Thank you!

The WMRT Board of Directors