Wachusett Mountain Race Team provides excellent programs, coaching, competition and support to junior alpine ski racers. WMRT develops strong base level skills to allow athletes competently participate at USSA junior races

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Please check in with Coaches in the Morning, for Drop off let them know where you will be during the day. Also please be available during the day if the end time changes due to variables with Training. I will be working with Coach Nancy to see how we can streamline Notification if there is a Change.

 Parents please note WMRT is not a Day Care. We are a Race Training Program.

  • Athletes MUST have a snack and hydration during Break(0930) and Lunch(1200 based on crowds)
  • Athletes MUST memorize or have Parents phone Numbers with them or have cell phone
  • Athletes MUST take layers off in the Lodge and redress during Lunch or break in order not to overheat during this time.
  • Parents this is great time to help the Athletes and interact with them and have brief communication with Coaches on updates to training
  • Please try and not HOVER and allow them to start their interaction between teammates and coaches. Alpine Racing is a lifetime sport and they are creating their OWN memories
  • Athletes Should have extra Gloves/Layers/ Hand warmers and Snacks/fluids or COW cards to buy referenced items.
  • Alpine Ski Racing is an ALL WEATHER SPORT please teach them how to Layer to reflect our training environments. Please note this is New England the weather does and Will Change
  • Please have your skiers dressed for cold and wet conditions for the weekend. We learned from dryland that it can get cold quick.
  • Make sure your athletes have breakfast and have taken care of business before meeting the coaches
  • Have your racer prep their gear the night before and have everything packed ready to go. Including their season pass.
  •  Have boots in the house nice and warm. Cold boots left in the car overnight is not a fun experience the next morning.
  • Give yourself and your racer plenty of time to get to the mountain and dressed. Starting the practice rushed is no fun. Being early for Training will set them up for success for Racing and life
  • Don't forget to register your racer for NASTAR. You can do that either at the mountain or online here: http://www.nastar.com  It enables your child to race on Challenger when the race course is up.