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Weeknight Training
by posted 01/06/2020

Hello Everyone,          

I am David Chandler and I will be running the weeknight program with WMRT.  We start this Tuesday (1/7) and will go every Tuesday and Thursday until the mountain decides to go to Spring hours where they will close at 8pm. 

Our plan is to train slalom, unless we have fencing on Smith Walton for GS training.  I will let everyone know if we will be training GS at the beginning of the week.  Training begins at 7pm, coaches will be on the hill setting by 6:30pm.  If your athlete is ready to go at 6:30pm, we would appreciate their help to get the courses set.  Most nights we will be training on Upper and Lower Smith Walton. 

My expectation of your athlete is to show up, slip and inspect the course(s), then start training.  The coaches will be on the hill rotating between the courses.  Around 8:45pm we will start to pull and slip out the ruts from the course.  I EXPECT every athlete to be present for this, training is not over until the course is pulled and the equipment is at the gate box.  If your athlete is leaving early please make sure they let the coaches know.  If your athlete is in the lodge and not helping at the end of practice, expect to hear from me, I have the same expectations of every athlete.

If you have an athlete from another program that is joining us for weeknight training please have them let us know what they are working on.  I feel very strongly that we as coaches help to build on what they are already working on instead of having them work on something new or different.  Having your athlete working on too many things at once can be counter productive. 

We only have a couple hours to train so please make sure your athlete is ready to go on time, and spends the time we have on the hill, not in the lodge.    

If anyone needs to contact me I can be reached via email at

Thank you and I hope this is a fun and productive session for everyone

David Chandler

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